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Our story

Who are we?

Bua Thai (Thai Lotus) is a small family business founded in 2016 by Yasinee and Eric.

In the Hooge Molenstraat no.30 in Doetinchem there is a small restaurant, which started out as a takeaway but now also has some seats for people who want to enjoy a tasty Thai meal.

Many products and ingredients are imported fresh for us from Thailand so that the authentic taste is preserved and you are back or on a trip in terms of taste experience.

The dishes we serve come from all over Thailand and are very tasty due to their taste variety, sweet, sour, salty and spicy, and accessible to everyone, even for people who prefer less spicy food, there are plenty of options. Because we only start cooking when you order and only use fresh ingredients, we can easily add or omit ingredients.

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